Testimonianze sull’acqua alcalina dall’Asia

Testimonianze sull’acqua alcalina dall’Asia

Testimonianze sull’acqua alcalina dall’Asia

Testimonial 1


Name: Young-Jin (41 years old)

Address: Incheon

I hope my testimony will help those who have yet to purchase a water purifier as well as those who are thinking about purchasing one. My first encounter with Waters was about 8 years ago when I first saw a friend’s Waters purifier. At that time, I was thinking about purchasing a purifier unit myself and I asker her about her reason for buying Waters purifier. She told me that unlike other products in the market, Waters was made according to God’s command which He pronounced to the maker of the purifier through prayer. After hearing her account, I was quite surprised and could not make a purchase decision. During the same period, a fellow churchgoer mentioned that she had just bought a purifier and I requested to have a look and it so happened that it was another Waters unit. I asked her reason and once again I got the same answer. It was then I started to have faith. Even without public advertising, people were still purchasing Waters purifier, I felt there must be some good reasons…

I purchased my Waters unit and started using it according to the agent’s directions. Our Waters unit slowly became a part of our lives. In the course, our family started to undergo a surprising change. In the past, whenever my husband coughed, the effect would send our bed shaking and resulted in many sleepless nights. As a result, my husband lose much weight and he started becoming short-tempered. After we started drinking from our Waters unit, my husband started gaining weight and his bouts of severe coughing stopped. This all happened without any medical attention.

When I was told that it was the water, I did not believe at first. However, I truly believe it is the water now. For myself, my irregular periods became regular and I no longer suffer from menstrual cramps. After seeing the changes in my family, my mother-in-law purchased a Waters purifier and now her osteoporosis is cured. My younger sister used to have her period only 3-4 times a year and after using Waters purifier, she is having regular menstrual cycle. My older sister is no longer suffering from constipation and we are all very satisfied with our Waters purifier. There are many around us who purchased the purifier after seeing how our family became healthy. I do not think I can survive without spreading the good news about Waters purifiers.

I pray for God’s tremendous blessing upon Waters purifiers and I truly am grateful for the healing that our family experienced. I pray that my husband would drink more of Waters water and find salvation for his soul as well.

Testimonial 2


Address : Kyoung-Buk Dal-Sung Kub Hwa-Won Eub Bon Lee,

Name : U-Dong Kim (41 years old)

My child suffered from the entanglement of intestines from birth and as a result could not eat properly and he did not show much liveliness. Due to financial difficulties, we could not afford the operation which would cure her illness and every time I saw my daughter, it saddened me greatly. In 1992, I had made up my mind to do my best to save up for the operation which I had hoped to be performed on my daughter during her summer vacation. It was in that year I heard about Waters purifier from a fellow churchgoer and I purchased a unit in February of the same year. Furthermore, I started to gain more knowledge on water by attending seminars.

I was truly amazed at the depth and incomprehensible love that God has towards people.

What’s ever more grateful is that my daughter was cured of her illness miraculously after drinking Waters water for about three months. I always prayed to God for Him to be the one to cure my daughter and it seems like God has manifested himself through Waters. I am truly thankful to God for showing His love and blessing through Waters water and I give him all the glory.

Testimonial 3


Address : Yang-San Ku Joung-Kwan Myun Dal San Lee

Name : Hyo-Sung Lee(33 years old)

Due to consumption of large amounts of alcohol from an early age, I suffered from stomach problems. I suffered from pain even after eating a small amount of flour based product and after each meal I had to rush to the washroom due to indigestion. Once my older sister recommended the world’s first water called Waters, however, I was not interested. This was because I did not believe that water could play a part in curing of illnesses. Due to my sister’s unending persuasion, I relented by purchasing Waters. However, something happened and after 3 months of using the purifier, the number of visits to the washroom after meals reduced and my stomach pain started to diminish as well.

To the maker and supplier of Waters, I thank you. Thank you.

Testimonial 4


Address : Bu-San Nam-Ku Yong-Chon 1 Dong

Name : Se-Hun Park(60 years old)

Waters is truly our family’s blessing. As a 60 year old breadwinner who opened and operated a restaurant, I had caused much damage to my stomach and intestine by consumption of large amount of alcohol. Every time I felt pain I would take medicine which would get rid of the pain for a short time and the pain would return after. Gradually the amount of medicine consumed increased, together with the amount purchased. I drank antacid like I would drink water and there was not a day that went by without medicine. It was during this period I heard about Waters and as a service to my customers, I decided to purchase a unit of the purifier. After setting up the unit, I was told to drink at least 8 cups a day but the amount was too much for me. Nevertheless, about 10 days into drinking from the purifier, I experienced a total change in my body and without any false claims, my stomach felt comfortable for once. My wife, who suffered from constipation for more than 20 years was healed of the ailment in about 12 days. For those who suffer the same pain I had suffered, I would like to recommend Waters. For someone like myself who have experienced the amazing effects of drinking from Waters purifier, I am sure that many would believe and experience the same satisfaction and gratefulness. I truly thank the maker of Waters for curing me of my long time pain.

Testimonial 5


Address : Bu-San Dong-Rae-Ku Myung-Jang1Dong

Name : Jong-Pal Lee(41 years old)

First of all, I would like to give God the glory.

I have lived abroad a shipping vessel since 1975 for close to 10 years. Due to the lack of quality drinking water on board the vessel, I suffered from loosening of teeth and lose of

hair. As a result, I tried to make up by consuming large quantity of vitamins pills. Furthermore, the lifestyle on board called for large amount of drinking (alcohol) and this caused my stomach walls to thin out resulting in stomach ulcer and after every meal, I would experience much pain followed by large amount of medicine. As my intestine started to fail, I suffered from severe constipation and I could only remove bowel after 4-5 days. Due to this symptom, I received an operation to remove hemorrhoids in 1983 and my constipation continued and each time I had to relieve myself, I suffered much agony. I even tried aloe, kiwi, vegetables and other types of juices and the effect would be for the moment and the cause of the constipation was never eliminated.

Naturally the hemorrhoids came back and it was during the recurrence that I purchased and started drinking from Waters purifier. Miraculously, 15 days after purchasing the unit, I was totally cured of the symptom that had caused me much pain for 7 years. I was so elated that I wanted to run to the maker of Waters to thank him personally.

I sincerely want to thank the maker of Waters, the world’s first eater.

Testimonial 6


Address : Bu-San Jin-Ku Bu-Am 2Dong

Name : Myung-In Choi

If I think back about my lifestyle, I am not the type to drink much water. Water for me was to quench my physical thirst and that was all. What’s more, it was difficult for me to drink water before meal as well as to drink a cup of water early in the morning. This was because when I did try to drink water, I would experience severe bouts of nausea. Then I heard about Waters purifier from fellow churchgoers. However, I was not interested in purchasing a purifier unit. I only acknowledged that it was clean and good quality water. I heard about people getting cured of their ailments through drinking from Waters but I did not quite believe the testimonies. As a worker of God’s work, I knew that only God could heal and I thought He did it through medical doctors and that was my logical belief. However, Waters truly broke that belief. I was able to understand and obtain the basic knowledge of water through the well edited book “Water Love”. Furthermore, through the “Water Seminar” conducted by Waters branch office, I decided to change my habit. I decided to drink a glass of water early in the morning before morning service. As a young child, due to financial difficulties, I suffered from

stomach problems, and as an adult due to stomach ulcer symptoms, I suffered from intestine infection, constipation and skin problems as well. Quality food and large amount of tonic and vitamins still did not help in adding flesh to my body. Right now, my face is an expression of my health which I have claimed after the use of Waters purifier. Now, I am not able to eat or drink with Waters.

I thank God for getting me acquainted with Waters and through His glory I say a prayer of blessing each time I drink Waters water. I love Waters as much as I love God.

Testimonial 7


Address : Bu-San Hae-Un-Dae-Ku banSong1Dong

Name : Sun-Deok Yeoi

From the age of three, my child suffered from the swelling of hands and feet and skin ailment which caused the skin to rise like chicken skin. After a thorough check-up, he was diagnosed with atopi skin ailment and I was told that this illness can only be cured through a total change of physical constitution. Therefore, I tried to fed him only organic products as well as both western and oriental medicine and we went to hospitals specializing in atopi treatments. However, my child did not show signs of improvement.

To make things worst, when my child started kindergarten, due to his skin condition, his playmates made fun of him and he was made an outcast. This was because as children have sensitive skin, my son’s rough skin would hurt those who touched him.

One day, a neighbor who was also a fellow churchgoer introduced me to Waters and I purchased a unit. Then some thing miraculous happened to my child. After 2 weeks of usage, my child’s skin condition was totally healed and I truly believe it is from the amazing secret that hides within the water. I am truly thankful and I am constantly recommend those around me to give Waters a try. I thank God for everything.

Testimonial 8


Address : Daw-Ku Buk-Ku Eub-Nae-Dong,

Name : Han-Hae Ok(40 years old)

I am a housewife who have been using Waters for 4 years. When living in the hill area of Sangju, our main source of water came from the wells and one day, my child contracted Jung-Chum Jang (?) (a reaction caused by part of the intestine moving back into part of the intestine. An extremely dangerous reaction which would cause death if not operated within 24 hours) from drinking contaminated water. Since then I became extremely sensitive about drinking water so much so that I suffered from neurosis. Right after we moved to Daegu, I looked around to purchase a purifier and after extensive research, we purchased a Waters unit. Right now, my child attends kindergarten and due to the aftermath of the illness, he still suffers. For a long time, there would be traces of feces on his panties and he would not be able to remove his bowel comfortably. We have tried different types of medicine to no avail.

Fortunately, after using Waters, my fear of water has diminished and my child’s condition is gradually improving. Right now, he is able to go to the washroom and comfortably remove his bowel about twice a week. We feel that this is already a miracle and we are truly grateful.

My child cannot go without Waters for a day and it is keeping my child healthy. I will continue to make Waters part of my child’s diet and I thank God for making me aware of this product.

Testimonial 9


Address : Bu-San Si Jin Ku Beum-chun 1Dong

Name : Hu-Deok Yun (53 years old)

Halluejah! Due to my husband’s business failure, I suffered from heart problems for many years. I was hospitalized for having difficulties breathing and severe dizziness. As there was not much improvement, I was discharged and decided to undergo outpatient treatment. Through a fellow churchgoer’s recommendation, I decided to purchase a Waters purifier. After using the product for about 20 days, my face color changed for the better and even without taking medicine, I am able to breathe comfortably.

In 1982, due to an outbreak of skin fungus, the ends of my hands have hardened and split. It became so bad that I did not even want to touch my grandchildren. It came to a point where my skin started to rot and even after receiving treatment from a hospital

specializing in skin problems, I did not show signs of improvement. When I had to do housework, I had to cover my hands with rubber gloves as I could not touch water.

Right now, after drinking and washing with Waters water, I dare say I am close to be fully cured. My husband, who is an unbeliever also experienced a miracle after using the water for one week. Furthermore, my child (Daeshin University 2nd year undergraduate) who used to suffer from large intestine ailment and could only sleep after taking pain killers is now fully cured after using Waters for one week. Right now, he is able to digest his meals and his painful belching is now gone. God has truly shown His grace and brought health to the family through Waters and I am truly grateful to Him.

Testimonial 10


Address : Bu San Kum-Jung Ku Ku-Sung Dong

Name : Young-Hee Lee (39 years)

My child (Dong Ho Elementary School Grade 5) due to severe large intestine infection suffered from regular diarrhea and always looked like he was sick. His condition also resulted in him becoming a hot-tempered child. It was during this time that I was able to hear a testimony from a fellow churchgoer about the blessing that he experienced through Waters. After attending a Waters seminar, we decided to purchase a unit for the family. About one month into using the product, my child started to look healthy and he became much more active. After experiencing the effect of Water, I am truly amazed and I thank God and give Him all the glory.

Testimonial 11


Address : Seoul Young-Deong-Po Ku Youi-do dong

Name : Young-Suk Choi (49 years)

Halleujah! I give God all the glory for Waters. When I was in France, I had drank from the tap but upon my return to Korea, everyone else was drinking delivered mineral

water which I followed. However, in spring, rashes started to appear on the skin on one arm which quickly spread to both arms. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with food poisoning and was given medicine to curb the symptom. The medicine caused much drowsiness and although the rashes seemed to subside in the beginning, it came back again after 10 days. During a summer church convention, I had washed with the water in the prayer place and prayed much for healing, however, due to the strong sun rays, my condition became worse. Back home, I was told to get treatment from a famous oriental medicine hall, if not to receive treatment from the hospital.

Hoe day, after a prayer session, a fellow church member asked me to go to the Waters HQ. Apparently, there was a seminar on “water and health”. I told her that I had an appointment to see a doctor for my skin condition. However, she told me to follow her and I would be cured and without having time to make any more excuses I followed her to the seminar. Through the seminar and Pastor Ko’s lecture, I realized that the origin of all sickness is water. After changing to Waters, I have experienced a thorough cleansing of my stomach and drinking water has become a part of my lifestyle. The skin condition that has plagued me since moving to Seoul 4 years ago is now history. Now I am active and am committed in spreading the good news of Waters. For this live saving work, I will do my best. I am happy to announce that “wherever I am, there is Waters as well”

Testimonial 12


Address : Seoul Kwan-Ak Ku Shin-Lim 2Dong

Name : Yeon-Lee Choi (44 years)

Due to the side effect of an operation during birth, I suffered from severe bleeding. As a result, my blood pressure dropped to 40-60 and due to low blood count, I suffered from fainting spells and I actually fainted a number of times. I ate an internal part of cow which was thought to be good for low blood counts and as a result I had an outbreak of rashes all over my body. As I was getting treatment for my skin problem, I was introduced to Waters and decided to purchase a unit. About one week into using the product, I was cured of constipation. Before, due to the sores in my mouth, I could not eat properly and it was even difficult for me to speak comfortably. However, after using Waters, I no longer have sores in my mouth. I no longer suffer from any stomach discomfort and I am fully cured of my skin disease as well as my blood count problem.

I thank God who time after time bless me.

Testimonial 13


Address : Seoul Dobong-dong

Name : Yong-Hwa Lim (63 years)

I truly enjoy life now. I can leave home lightheartedly without the burden of having to take daily medicines anymore. Normally, when people experience an “itch”, it would not be something out of the ordinary. In my case, however, things were different. Whenever I felt an itch, I would have to scratch until I bled. My condition continued for more than 30 years and for this reason, I was not able to live like other normal people. Since I did not know when I would feel another bout of itchiness, I could not leave the house and whenever I had no choice but to leave the house, I was always full of anxiety. Once my pharmacist said to me, “I am sorry to tell you but your condition is incurable. Perhaps it would only go away after you die…”. When I heard this, I was rendered speechless and at that moment I really wanted to die but I suppose we cannot make hasty decisions about our lives.

I comforted myself constantly by saying “maybe this time, I would be better” but it was all useless.

Just as I was living my hopeless life, a neighbor recommended Waters and I purchased a unit in autumn of 1995. Although our family’s financial situation was not stable enough for a water purifier unit, I felt that quality drinking water would be beneficial for the family and I did not want them to suffer like myself. I started drinking water whenever I had the opportunity. And although no one told me in particular, I started to use the water from the unit to cleanse my skin where it itched and amazingly the itch would go away. Gradually I started to use Waters water on other parts of my body such as my neck, chest, legs and wherever it itched. As the severity of my itch started to lessen, the amount of medicine that I took reduced as well. Days would go by and I did not feel any itch and if there was another attack, I was able to bear unlike before. In a way, because of Waters, I could save on medicine and treatments costs. My family saw the change in my condition and now they all drink from the Waters unit. It feels like there is new energy in the family. Now, I am happy that I can leave the house whenever I want to. I feel like going back to my pharmacist and show her how healthy I have become, unlike

her predicament.

Testimonial 14


Name : Eong-Su Han(64Years old)

A fellow church member, Han Hye Kyung recommended Waters and I took her advice and purchased a unit. I became a member of Water Love group and through my own experience and group seminars, my interest in water gradually increased. I got to know that the most important element to good health maintenance is quality water.

I realized that the taste of Waters water was good and I also learned that it is alkaline water and it boosts a high level of minerals. Out of the many changes I experienced after using Waters, the most significant ones must be the elimination of dandruff and the cleansing of my stomach.

My grandchild suffered from chronic convulsion that he suffered at least two times monthly and his situation caused the family much heartache. And after drinking Waters, he did not have another attack for over three years now. When I see my healthy grandson, I am filled with happiness. I no longer feel tired but revitalized.

Testimonial 15


Address : Seoul Young-deong-Po Ku Dae-Bang Dong

Name : Chang-Sun Yeom

I am quite embarrassed to admit it but I struggle with a dandruff problem. I tried using different types of treatments and shampoos but the result would be short-lived and the problem will always come back. I would touch my hair lightly and white flakes would shower all over and I would not dare to wear any dark colored clothes.

Now, I no longer struggle with the problem anymore. Although I heard about Waters a few years back, I would not try it purposely because I was frustrated with all the positive reviews. Some sort of reverse psychology I suppose. In actuality, I did not quite believe how drinking Waters would make things better.

Gradually with the worsening drinking water situation, I began to see the importance of water purifier. Although I purchased a Waters unit based on many recommendations, I did not quite believe that drinking Waters water would improve my health situation. I thought the functions of water purifier would all be the same…. Then two months into using the unit, I started noticing little changes in my body. The amount of dandruff started to diminish. I could not think about any plausible reason except the water. I started rinsing my hair with Waters water after shampooing. Then the dandruff would all disappear. Furthermore, my stomach which usually felt cold and uncomfortable started to feel much better.

Nowadays, when someone raises the topic of water, I become unusually talkative. I always say that water is not only for thirst quenching, it is important that we constantly supply our body of water. In addition, it is not any water that does the body good, but only water with live mineral in it that is important. For this reason, my youngest daughter now calls me “Doctor water”. In the past, I used to be upset with people who would talk about Waters and now I have become one of them. But how can I keep quiet after experiencing such a great change in my life? Dandruff? It is no longer my problem!

Testimonial 16


Ul-San Si Chung-Ku U-Juong Dong

Name : Hyo-Jin Chang

My personality is such that if there is one thing I like, I would continue to talk about it until the cows go home and for this reason, I have a nickname “Mdm Jang who is in love with Waters”

After started using Waters 8 years ago, it has become part of me like my sister is a part of me. At that time, I was still not quite interested in water purifier and I did not think too seriously about water pollution. This was the reason why water purifier was not a must for normal households then. However, due to Waters, we now drink living water and my friends who enjoy the water with me now have alkaline body constitution and they all enjoy good health. Of course, in the beginning no one would believe that it is the water they consume which makes them healthy. However, my thoughts started to change when I saw the changes in my physical body.

I applied to become a kidney donor during a campaign and after a short while, someone contacted me about my choice. Fortunately after 2 tests, I was rendered suitable to be a donor and the date of the operation was fixed. I was a little scared after the operation became a fixed thing. However, I believed in myself. I totally trusted my God who is always by my side and I did not doubt my healthy body, much thanks to Waters water. The final test came back positive and I got through the operation without any problems.

I recovered much faster than others. During the operation, I did not have to use any blood injection, and for this reason, even the doctors were amazed. People started to ask me how I could maintain such good health. I always said it is due to the water that I use. However, people are such that no better how good something is, they do not easily believe, particularly someone else’s testimony. I feel that Waters should be advertised more, whether it is TV advertisement or newspaper advertisements…

Although people do not think highly of advertisements, I think otherwise. I think that the more advertising is done, the higher the budget allocated and all these funds will go back to the consumers, I am not too sure about other matters.

I think that for those who are blessed, it is a good opportunity to gain something good without spending too much and once again I think Waters company that gave me the chance to have good health.

Testimonial 17


Address : Kang-Won do Won-Ju Si Dan-Ku Dong

Name : Sun-Ja Lim

I own a small supermarket in Wonju City and the Managing Director of Waters branch delivered the product daily to our store. In the beginning, I did not know why he delivered the same product everyday without fail, so much so that I felt sorry. However, I felt that the least I could do was to drink the water with thanks. When he came, instead of advertise his product, he spent more time telling me about the relationship between environmental pollution and our drinking water and also concerns and encouragements for us. Gradually we became used to the taste of the product and the product became a necessity. After discussing with my husband, we started purchasing Waters product and since then we experienced a number of changes in the family.

As advised by the MD, my husband not only drank the water but also used it for

washing and showering. The result was that my husband started to see a change in his digestive system. About a month into using the product, my husband could feel that his body was thoroughly cleansed. Because of stomach discomfort and indigestion, he was extremely sensitive about the food he ate. Now, my husband no longer struggles with indigestion. Out of the many needs humans have, eating would be one of the most primitive and he is not longer worried about the food he eats and this is truly a thankful thing. Furthermore, for myself who had always suffered from sinus discomfort and my daughter who had frequent diarrhea and my son who had skin problems, we begun to experience changes in our bodies as well. Nowadays, we feel that we should do our part and sharing these experiences with others and we strongly recommend Waters to others. It is our hope that people elsewhere will experience physical wellbeing after using the product.

Testimonial 18


Address : Kyung-Nam Keo-Jae Kun Nam-Bu-Myun Tab-Po-Lee

Name : Suk-Lee Kim (36 Years old)

Due to afterbirth side effects 10 years ago, I used to struggle with back problem (waist). I suffered from extreme back pain. It became so bad that I was diagnosed with back disc problem. I would shake in agony after walking for short distances and I would be easily tired. As a result, I could not do much household work as well as be attentive to my husband’s needs. I was always sorry but my physical state did not permit more. In particular, my right leg started to go numb and I had to receive medical treatments constantly. I also went for acupuncture to no avail. Furthermore, when it rained, my whole body would ache and I did not feel motivated to do anything.

The truth is, although it was only my back that was giving me the most problem, I felt as though my whole body and my mind were sick as well. I looked much older than my age group and this made me emotional upset. I was just thinking that I can no longer go on like this when a fellow church member introduced me to Waters. When I heard about the product, I somehow had a good feeling about it. This is how I started to drink the water diligently. I drank it in the morning and after dinner, always thinking that some thing good is going to happen. And about a week into drinking the water, the pain around my knee disappeared. Two weeks and then a month passed and I no longer felt

the pain in my back and I found my appetite once again. With Waters, I not only claimed my health back but I also found self-confidence. Thank you.

Testimonial 19


Address : Jeon-Buk Bu-An-Kun Bo-An-Myun shin Bok Lee

Name : Hyun-Suk Bang

when we lived in Seoul, we used tap water. After we moved to Bu-an, we started using underground water. And about a fortnight after we moved, for no reason, my children started to have diarrhea and nausea. We visited nearby hospitals and medical centers and they still did not show any signs of improvement. Due to the severity of the problem, we went back to Seoul to seek medical treatment.

We still had to do many repairs to the new house and as a housewife there were many things that kept me busy and on top of all these, I had to care for my children. Based on recommendations, I used many alternative treatments but their conditions still did not improve. Then, I started to think about what could be the reason for their conditions. The only change was in the water and I started to think that that could be the main reason. I also suffered from diarrhea and I decided to test the water using a test kit. The result was that the water we consumed was highly acidic. When we took out the Waters purifier, fitted the filter and tested the water, it came back as the water being weakly alkalic. We bought a new filter and started using the water. After this, my children no longer suffered from nausea. Their diarrhea also diminished and their appetites came back and the amount they ate for lunch increased. Now, my children are totally healthy. I regret not taking out our Waters unit earlier nevertheless, I am just grateful for our health.

Testimonial 20


West Incheon High School

Name Chung-Ho Park

Before I came to know about Waters, around mid-September of 1994, due to asthma attacks caused by allergy, I had to go to the hospital for treatment everyday for about 6 weeks. My mother was worried about my weakening health, not to mention about the treatment expenses. Then acting on someone’s recommendation, she went to one of the Waters branch office and although our financial situation did not quite support it, she nonetheless purchased a Waters unit difficulty and with the purchase, she advised me not to go to the hospital anymore and instead drink from the purifier and pray that I will get well that way. I have always been a good drinker of water. I drink about 3000-4500cc of water per day. Perhaps this habit of drinking helped because after drinking Waters water for about 20 days, I became totally healed. Due to pneumonia attack when I was in grade 5, I caught cold easily and had to be on medical treatment for a long time. Last winter however, it felt as though I was going to catch a cold but it just swept by, totally missing me. I did not have to take any medicine and due to the change in my body constitution (from drinking good water), allergy symptoms such as morning sneezes and running nose all went away as well. In addition, my mother who became weak after years of hard physical work, suffered from sinus allergy and throughout spring, summer and autumn, she had to go through regular medical treatments. For her, Waters once again provided relief and she is totally healed of her sinus problem. Lastly, I want to thank God who provided us with healing through Waters, as well as the maker of the purifier. I also want to take this opportunity to take the Branch manager of the North Incheon office.

Testimonial 21


Name: Eun-Suk Hong

The fragrance of May fills the alley and the house. My son, Ju Hyung sees the lilac moving along with the wind and raises both his arms to mimic the movement. He walks slowly towards me, picks up the cup and drinks thirstily out from the cup. And then he puts his hands in the cup and plays with the water, laughing away. He is not even a year old and he drinks like an adult, just like his mother.

Water! When I was younger, I liked water very much. I liked to drink, bathe and swim, all activities related to water. Whenever I could afford the time, I would take a few pieces of clothes and walk down to the river nearby, all the while whistling. To say that I

was going to wash the clothes was just an excuse. I would go to the river, take off all my clothes and jump into the water. I would be swimming leisurely and many of my friends were envious of me. When I became tired of swimming in the river, I would go a little higher up and drink from the stream. When I was in high school, I would drink so much water that my friends would call me carp fish or tadpole. The student of the week in charged of allocating food and drinks to all the students had to beg me not to drink too much water because it would be difficult to divide the leftover amongst the rest of the students. During those days, I was on the weaker side and I was always slim. That was the reason why I always told those who were on a diet to drink more water. Then I started to worry about water. As time passed, I was worried that the clean water would become contaminated. If we look like the current environmental issues, it is quite heartbreaking. It is sad not to be able to drink from the tap without worrying about contamination. My digestive system is on the sensitive side and I am prone to having diarrhea if something I eat or drink does not settle well. I also did not trust the purifier products out in the market a 100%. Although there were people who said it is okay to drink tap water, I felt safer drinking boiled water. Coincidentally, I got to hear the testimony of Waters President over Christian Broadcast program “Please renew me” and after hearing that he prayed and God answered his prayer in Waters purifier, I decided that I could trust this product. We purchased a unit then for the office and I still drink the same water. Naturally, I do not have diarrhea and I am absolutely healthy. When I become lazy and cut down the amount of water I drink, right away my urine becomes dark and I become tired easily. My baby also drinks straight from the purifier (warmed a little) in the form of his milk as well as plain water. We are proud of his slim built (even before he has turned one years old), he is a good walker, he is intelligent and most importantly, he is a healthy little boy. I think this is all due to Waters. Our financial situation at the moment does not permit another unit at home so I treat the Waters purifier at work like a water fountain. Before I go home for the day, I usually bring water home for drinking purposes.

For this reason, I feel like I am part of the Waters family. I have a whole stack of name card of a fellow church member, who is also an employee at Waters on my table. For those who walk into the office and look for water, I never fail to recommend Waters. Right now! One truth I can strongly put forward is that if one drink good quality drinking water, it will bring health and make the person slim as well. Isn’t this enough for touching CF?

Testimonial 22


Name : Chun-Sam Kang

I am currently spreading water love at Waters branch situated in Sung Nam. I did not know anything about water until I gathered knowledge through Waters President Mr. K. S. Bae’s testimony and lecture as well as the Water love seminar that took place last summer in the Christian Millennium Memorial Hall. I started with doing my best for something small. I started with doing washing the dishes at home, and this habit extended to batteries thrown away as regular garbage. With a God thanking attitude as well as love for water (to prevent further damage to the environment), I carefully picked the batteries from the garbage bags and took them back to the pharmacy for recycling. Every time I used the Waters purifier, I would marvel at God’s goodness in nature and I would share the good news with my husband, children as well as my neighbors. Everyone! Have you heard the movement of living water?

One day, I received a call from a member of Love water society in Sung Nam. She sounded very excited when she told me that for the country wide water love seminar to be held on 5th December at Osan-ri fast and prayer building, Sung Nam Waters branch was chosen to give glory to God by offering Him a song during the meeting. From that moment, my heart started to beat quickly and loudly. This was because during the November meeting, I saw the group that sang the offering song and in my mind I was wondering if I could be a part of the singing group for future meetings.

All the members of Sung Nam Waters Water Love society practiced hard, half happily and half fearfully. We had prayed and practiced but on the day of the actual singing, everyone lost his/ her voices. We were so ashamed and it was as though we had become the chicken that was soaked through due to rain which the pastor had mentioned during his sermon. We could not lift up our faces.

After the meeting and when the President lead us once again in prayer, I bowed my head and prayed with lots of thanks. When I thought about how everything in the past was forgiven and about how God love someone as weak as me, I started to shed tears of gratefulness. I kept repeating His promise “my beloved, as your spirit is well, I will promise that everything will be fine”

All the members of Sung Nam Waters branch left the prayer building that day all with very bright countenances. I reached home late that day and then I realized suddenly that my foot, which gave me much pain and agony, was no longer hurting. To make sure that

the pain was no longer there, I poked and hit my leg lightly. Miraculously, there was no pain and I started to rejoice in that fact. For the longest time, I had to go for medical treatment for my knee pain and arthritis. I also tried oriental medicine and I was quite worried about my health. I was so happy that the pain was gone, I said a prayer of thanks to God right away. Furthermore, I also shared my testimony with the Branch manager and other members of Love Water team and with a God-fearing attitude, I am writing this account down on paper. I give all the glory to our loving God, our Alpha and Omega.

Testimonial 23


Name : Jae-Hak Ju

When I was little, I contracted tuberculosis and for about 3 years I had to receive medical treatments and live life as an invalid. When I would be physically tired, I would start coughing non stop for the whole night. The agony was unbearable. I tried everything that was supposedly good for coughing. Root extract, ginko nuts, ginseng in honey to name a few but nothing worked.

Then I began to drink about 2L to 3L of water per day and amazing, my coughing started to become better. This is the reason why I became very sure that is was the water that cured me of my cough. It is truly a mysterious water.

About 3-4 months after the birth of my 2nd child in 1986, I caught a bad bout of flu and after I recovered from the episode, my body constitution started and I started to have allergic rashes. In the beginning I when to the pharmacy everyday to more and more medicines, after that I started using oriental medicine and when that did not work as well, I went to the hospital. I tried to change my diet and I tried many different methods and still there was no sign of improvement. The rashes would become even worst during winter and I would be covered with rashes from head to toe and I would be embarrassed to see others. When it was really bad, I would leave the house only after taking medicines. Furthermore, due to the severe itching, I would be very short-tempered. Then I heard a testimony that someone was cured of a skin problem after drinking Waters water and I was advised to do the same. However, I did not think water was as different that there would be anything else but water. Another year passed and

church member who was also working at Waters dealer paid me a visit. About 3 months later, I realized that my rashes were occurring lesser. And about one year passed and I am about 90% cured. I am finally free from the rashes that plagued me for more than 10 years. It has been 2 years since I started drinking Waters water. And I think it is the safest water that one can drink without any worries.

Testimonial 24


Name: Sun-Young Kim

I purchased my Waters unit about 10 years ago from Sung Nam Waters branch. I bought the unit not because of the water at that time, rather it was because I was personally close to someone working at the outlet. On the day the purifier unit was installed, I was not at home and she left after installing the unit. Our family just started using the product because we heard that the water is good and without realizing it, we had used the unit for years.

Our family faced a financial obstacle and I had made up my mind to start praying for relief. During a prayer session, a thought just came across my mind. Why don’t I meet up with Kim and ask about future business prospects? I called a close sister and she told me that it was a good idea as well. I went to Waters and it so happened that I had the opportunity to go with Kim to install another unit. After the installation, Kin explained and tested the water for our new customer and I was shocked. I suddenly realized it was the alkaline water that freed my husband from his stomach ailments! It suddenly occurred to me that my husband had always drank carbonated beverage and /or a medicine called “Gurikul” for his stomach problem. Then I realized it has been a while since he had to take the substance.

After working hard to find new users to share the experience through Waters, my financial difficulties are more or less over and I am living a very happy life. I give God all the thanks.

Testimonial 25


I became a member of love water society in 1994 after being recommended by Branch President Elder Chung J. S. through the training we received, I realized that water plays an important part in maintaining our health. With this knowledge I decided that my family should not drink any unsafe and contaminated water. For this reason, I purchased a Waters purifier unit and I also wanted to use it first before recommending the product to others. Sometimes, users of the unit who came to the training sessions as well would talk about their experiences and together with the articles found in the Love Water booklet, I got to know that elements such as calcium and other minerals found in the water is helpful in restoring health. This was particular interesting for me because of my husband’s stomach problem that have made him suffer for more than 10 years. We went to big hospitals all over Ulsan but we could not find a cure for him. We also tried other places such as Seoul, Busan where the doctors would use the endoscope to look for what is wrong. In addition, my husband was given medicine for 2-3 months. Although he found some relief when he took the medicines, the pain would come back. He would eat white porridge for months and since his work called for hard physical work, he exhaustion that he suffered added to the stomach discomfort. When he went for gatherings, he would eat and later suffer from indigestion so bad that he had to take large amount of antacid and I would have to stay up with him to care for him. This went on for a long time and I would get concerned whenever it is time for another meal. I would worry about what to cook for the meal and although I was not physically sick, I felt the same agony emotionally and mentally. Then when I heard about Waters and what it did to some of the users, I tried the same and let my husband drink one glass of water early in the morning. There were times when he was frustrated and angry at me for waking him up early in the morning, however with my stubbornness, I refused to give up and I made him drink every morning. I told him constantly that he had to drink because the water is good for his stomach ailment, that someone was cured of the same problem after drinking the water, that we had to continue with the drinking and that there is no harm trying. About 6 months into drinking the water, the pain slowly subsided and my husband who usually left the house for work in the morning, angry and frustrated because of the pain left the house with smile. Sometime he would even joke with our children. One year passed and he no longer needed to take antacids and he was just happy that he was cured of his problem. Now, he said he was able to live like a normal person. When I saw my husband so happy, all I could say and do was and still is to praise God and give Him all the thanks. 3 years has passed since we used Waters and as though he was never sick, my husband is completely healed and my son’s constipation is gone as well. I am very grateful. Now when we go on a short trip, or to

the countryside, or to school and work, we might forget to pack our meals but we never forget Waters. I am truly grateful to the manufacturer of Waters for giving us the opportunity to experience Waters.

Testimonial 26


Name : Sang-Hwa Park


I am an elder at Busan MunHyun Church.

I praise God for giving me this opportunity to share my testimony about Waters. In November 1993, due to stress, I showed signs of cerebral infarction and I had to be hospitalized for about 15 days. After I was discharged, I had to take medicine continuously (to strengthen and stabilize blood pressure) and I had to go back to the hospital once every month for check-up and more medicine.

During routine check-ups, when my body condition was good, my blood pressure will be at 85, 135, and when I was not feeling tip top, my pressure would be around 90-140, 90-150. Under these circumstances, I had to continue medicinal therapy and during this period of time, elder Chung DooHyun who is also the Branch Manager of Waters Daeyun upon knowing my physical condition recommended that I try Waters. He said he is not trying to increase his revenue, rather he is concerned about my health and to make his point, he installed a unit before payment, told me to try it out and if I am happy with the results, then I can pay up then. The unit he installed was POT-3000 water purifier unit. To show my appreciation for his consideration, I started and still am drinking about 2litres or more per day. About 4-5 months into drinking the water, people around me started telling me that I look much healthier and that the color on my face is different. I was very happy to hear that. Later something happened that increased my faith tremendously. Around May of 1995, I stopped taking blood pressure pills and for the rest of the medicine, I took about one month worth and lasted for 6 months. I completely stopped taking medicine about early June 1997 and instead I tried my best to drink as much water as I could. Right now, my blood pressure is down to 70-120, 80-120 range and I dare say that I have never felt better. Now I am back to work and even taking long trips does not faze me anymore. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to experience Water and as well as Waters Branch Manager for his recommendation and

consideration. I will share my testimony to those who suffer from poor health as well as to my neighbours. With the short message written above, I would like to give my testimony with thanks.

Testimonial 27


Name: Kim In Ja

When I heard about Waters, I did not believe it at first. Then due to a condition, I had to have an operation and in the course of doing so, I lost a lot of blood and I suffered much due to anemia. When I woke up in the morning, my body felt heavy so much so that it was difficult for me to stand up. And I took a friend’s advice and tried Waters. About 10 days of trial, I no longer showed signs of anemia and I could feel that my body was much lighter. On top of good digestion, I no longer suffer from dandruff problem and in all, I have to say that many good things happened because of the water.

In addition, my son suffered from constant headaches, lethargy, indigestion and as a result was always frustrated. When I told him to try drinking the water, he would tell me scarstically that only I would believe such false claims that water can treat all kinds of diseases. I forced him by giving him orders and after drinking Waters, he is a much happier child. He is a avid reader now and when he goes to the library, he always bring along his water bottle.

Testimonial 28


Name: Moon Soon Nam

When we look at water, we cannot see any difference between types and brands. I too thought and felt the same way. On Wednesday, people would give out pamphlets about Waters since it was Water Day and I would usually throw the literature away without reading. I thought that the best method would be to drink and use boiled water but acting on an advice by a fellow church member, I purchased a Water unit. After drinking Water constantly, I realized that I no longer felt tired all the time and I felt good overall. After drinking Waters, I realized that it was a foolish thing to boil water. I experienced

first hand that the lack of knowledge about the water we use and drink can influence our lives in a substantial way. Last spring, I was ironing with both legs outstretched and I dropped the iron accidentally and it fell on my knees, leaving me an iron-shaped burnt mark. Although I catch the iron quickly, I was not quick enough and blisters quickly formed. I burst the blisters with a needle and as I was about to apply antibiotic cream, I realized perhaps it would be better if I apply Waters water instead. After about 5 days, I still saw infected areas with yellow shades as though there was pus. I took a towel, wet it in Waters water and rubbed on my skin. Amazingly, there is no sign of injury at all, no burnt marks or scars from the accident. I heard from others that using Waters can help solve many physical problem and now that I have experienced it myself, I am more fond of the product.

Testimonial 29


Name: An Soon Ok

I own a small gift shop in Moonmak, Wonju City, Kangwon Province. I got to know about Waters unexpectedly and started drinking the product. At that time, my father was working at Yoohyun Elementary School located in 횡성 Wonju City as a teacher. A Waters purifier unit was installed in the school and after 3 months, my father decided to purchase one unit for the home. My parents lived in the upper storey while we lived one storey below. That is how we started to get Waters from our parent’s for our daily use. Miraculously, after drinking Waters water, my long time diarrhea problem was gone. That is truly a thankful thing. After that, my elder brother who lived in Junchon purchased a unit as well. And this time round, as it was too troublesome to get water from my parent’s, I purchased a unit of my own. I pray that my husband and children will find health and stay healthy after drinking good water. It is my sincere wish that those around me would use Waters purifier as well and be free from contaminated water.

Testimonial 30


Name : Kyung-Ja Ju

Due to my husband’s work commitment, we were preparing to move to a foreign country and I heard that it is important to drink bottled water in the new place. It occurred to me that I would disagree with drinking anything other than tap water just a short while back but now, I would think twice about drinking tap water even in Korea due to water contamination. It was really a sad thought. Furthermore, I had grown up drinking water that flowed from the well and now that it was impossible to do so made me sadder.

In particular, with the entrance of industrial district into Ulsan (where I lived), water contamination became a worst problem, so much so that from the tap flowed red water (due to rusty pipes) and people would think twice to use the water even for laundry. It was a daily routine for people to carry empty containers in search of cleaner mineral water. However, looking at the back of my husband who had to struggle to carry heavy load of water container in both hands, I was upset at the situation. Gradually, my husband complained about back pain and it was during this time that we heard a testimony about Waters and we were extremely glad.

I was touched by the President’s humility where he gave God the glory for the wisdom and grace that He gave him for the development of the product. In addition, the competitive price compared to other products was appealing as well. On top of all these when slightly chilled, Waters tasted like honey and these factors prompted me to become a member of the Waters society. And I attended a number of seminars conducted by the society. Through these meetings, I was able to learn more about the positive aspects of the product and I became more grateful for the product.

I am not too sure about the technical information but I always tell others that Waters is living water filled with minerals. It is free from harmful metal particles and is sterilized to resemble water in its natural state.

There is a never drying well at home and this well helps to maintain the health of my family and as a family that is extremely fond of drinking water, I am grateful for Waters as we are now free from the trouble of finding and moving clean water back and forth. In the beginning I spread the good news about Waters because I was very happy about the product. Now when I look at consumers who purchase products that use other filtration system, I feel sorry and I want to spread the good news about the natural filtration system that Waters uses to these misinformed consumers.

That Waters is tasty water. it is water you can trust

That it is a gift from our gracious God!

Testimonial 31


Name : Myung-Hwa Jang

It was strange that I started to have car sickness. It was a strange symptom and I decided to go to a oriental medical hall for consulation. The director told me that I had to take a very expensive medicine and I did accordingly to no avail.

And then in 1995, I started to experience severe pain. In addition, I started to suffer from such bad headaches that it was as though my head was going to burst each time I had a headache. I suffered from pain for at least 3 times a week. Then my back, arms and legs started to hurt as well. The pain was unbearable and as a last resort, I decided to go to the hospital. I went to the hospital in Pusan and Sungshin Hospital in Kun-Po to undergo a number of tests including MRI. Even after all these tests, the doctors could not give me a diagnosis. They just told me that the pain is due to neuralgia. When I went to the hospital, I went because of the severe pain and then as sudden as it came, the pain will be gone. At that time my job was to buy and sell fruits, vegetables and other more than 100 products. After a day of work, I would reach the house corridor and be plagued into such pain that I literally had to crawl into the house. There were many days where I came home and just drop in exhaustion. I did not have the energy to even wash up after a long day work. Before I could fall asleep, my husband and children had to take turns to massage my arms and legs. In the first half of 1995, the pain was so bad I seriously thought about dying. I spend my days crying. One day, my sister who is a Christian told me that she heard about God’s gift, Waters from a group of believers who came to her church to give testimony about the product. When I heard that, I seriously began to give the product some thoughts. Furthermore, I just liked it that God was part of the topic. I first followed my elder sister to church when I was 17. I see remember the 3 hymns that we sang that day. Since then, I have always lived this life with praise in my lips. Out of the blue, I had an impulse to purchase a Waters unit and I went to an agent together with my husband. It was lunchtime and there were many people. I stepped up to the front of the entrance and two persons came up to me. They told me they want to talk about God before telling me about the Waters. They asked me if I wanted to go to their church and as though I was waiting for the invitation, I immediately said yes. I made a promise. My husband also promised that he will attend the church service the week after. Perhaps it was because I was in physical pain for a long time, the way that they welcomed and

were concerned about my well being touched me tremendously. I was thankful for such nice people. We purchased a Waters purifier unit on September 27, 1995 and in order to go to church on October 8th of the same year, the whole family woke up early to prepare. However, we reached the church at around 15 minutes after 10 and we thought we were too late and we went back home without attending the service. The two church ladies came to our home the next day. And my husband and I went to church the following week on the 15th. I cannot describe the blessing I received that day. I cried throughout the service. On top of the blessing, we were invited for dinner as well. I truly have been healed through God’s grace and having since meeting God through Waters, I am grateful and am slowly regaining health by using the water as part of my lifestyle. I have decided to drink twice as much compared to others and each time I drink a cup, I do so with a praying heart. I have decided to spread the good news of Waters and God to the lost souls out there.

Testimonial 32

Name: Mal-Sun Chung

One day, I suddenly felt the urge to go to the public bathroom. My body ached more than any other day and while I was worrying in the bathroom, a lady sitting across to me shared her testimony about Waters. She introduced herself as the branch manager Bae Yoon Su and she told me the positive aspects of Waters water. At that time, I was suffering from different ailments. I was suffering from nasitis and during each mealtime, I would have indigestion and suffer from nausea. For this reason, I had to take porridge instead of rice. What’s more, I could only take the water that was left over from the porridge. Unless one experienced the pain, no one would know the actual agony. I had to take cola or antacid to aid digestion.

I suffered from high blood pressure as well and there were times when I fainted and each time left the house, I had to take medicine for my pressure. On top of blood pressure I had two more ailments. I have severe menstrual cramps and about one week before my monthly menses, I would roll in pain. For this period, I will not be able to leave the house. I also had the intestine infection and every morning, I would wake up and have to go to the washroom right away. Because of my frequent visits to the washroom, I would have to change my underwear often. I had to be hospitalized once every three days for one year. I even went to Severance Hospital to no avail. I suffered

for more than 10 years and then miraculously, I was healed after using Waters. I am truly grateful for the product and will do my best to spread the good news.

Testimonial 33


Name : Young-Ja Kim

About 4 months ago on May 13, two tall ladies visited me at home. At that time, my mother-in-law was sweeping the front yard, and the two ladies came into house calling out “We are from Waters”. My mother-in-law quickly chased the ladies out of the house. The next day, the two ladies came back around the same time. My mother-in-law got angry and asked them where they were from. They quickly explained about Waters and while they were giving the explanation, it suddenly occurred to me that they were from the same church that I went to. I was very sorry and quickly invited them to sit for tea and then they took my mother-in-law’s hand and said a prayer of blessing. My mother-in-law was very touched and agreed to try Waters for the next couple of days. And we tried the product for three days. Each day we used the product, we could feel the changes that was occurring. I was the first one to experience the change. I suffered from pain and every morning I would wake up and before I could function, I would have to go through a bout of extreme pain and after drinking Waters, I no longer suffer from pain. Due to a weak heart, little things would shock me and for this reason, I suffered from nerve problems and after drinking Waters, I was healed. My mother suffered from back pain and after drinking the water, she was totally healed. My daughter who suffered from intestine ailment drank Waters for about one month and she was healed as well. Her teacher at school suffered from osteoporosis and my daughter would bring Waters to school. Due to the nature of his job, my husband suffered from piles. Each time he sat on the chair, he would wince in pain. Waters have bought health to each and every one of us at home and we are truly grateful.

Testimonial 34


Name : Young-Sun Son

I came to know about Waters after visiting the workplace of a fellow church member.

In the beginning, I drank Waters half-believing and half not. Quite unexpected from the way I look, I can tired easily in the afternoon, get bloodshot eyes easily and I am not able to enter into deep sleep. And surprisingly, all these symptoms went away after I started drinking Waters. In the past, I would have to do only light household chores and would not be able to stand up right because of severe back pain and all this changed as well. I started to drink Waters in faith, however, one part of me still did not believe as I thought there must be a sales effect involved in the product. However, I realized later that there is more than sales to Waters and that was to supply good quality water and I decided to become active as a member of Waters society. I want to recommend Waters as good quality drinking water, particular in today’s world where our water supply is slowly getting more and more contaminated each day. I will do my best not to become a sales person of Waters, instead to become a spreader of good news that Waters is good drinking water. I believe the promise and good drinking water will help maintain the health of many people.

Testimonial 35


Name : Yun-Suk Choi

4 years have passed since I first met Waters.

Before I started using Waters, I used underground water. There were spider webs, little solid particles in the water and I did not feel safe using the water, however, I had no choice as there was no other source. During this period, I attended a Waters seminar and after hearing that it is a product from a company that is trustworthy, I purchased a unit immediately. One day, I was able to witness my nearly dead plant reviving and flowering as well after being watered with Waters. It was amazing and another change that occurred was after three days of using Waters, I was healed of bleeding gums.

And about one year into using the product, I was healed of empyema and I no longer suffered from pain and difficulty of smelling. My head also felt light. Also, due to bad sinus, at night, I would cough badly so much so that I had to take medicine and my hands started shaking. Also, due to allergies and nasal inflammation, I practically lived with a chronic cough. My husband’s health was not good as well and he would have nosebleed once every two days. Now we are both healed of these symptoms and I also

no longer suffer from land seasickness. We have truly experienced many changes in our lives and we give God and glory for blessing us with such good water.

Now, I love God and I love Waters.

Testimonial 36


Name : Kyoung-Hwa Son

5 years ago, my son who was then 4 months old started coughing. We went to the hospital and he was diagnosed with asthma. After I became a believer, I did not have to worry about any illness and now my son was diagnosed with such an ailment and was coughing badly. I was quite frightened and did not know what to do with the situation. While I was in this state, I met Ms. Yoo-soon Bae who is the current branch manager. She told me that the source of all illnesses is water. She also explained to me what is water exactly and how to drink it. I felt that the illness was coming from the water we were drinking and what type of water we should be drinking. And then I heard about the secret that was in Waters. I prayed for about a week and then purchased a Waters unit. I fed the water to my son in faith. And about three days after we started drinking Waters, my son’s coughing became less severe. Through my son, the whole family is grateful to the product and we have all grown in faith.

Testimonial 37


I came to know about Waters 7 years ago through my brother. I heard about how good it was and in the beginning I did not think it was any different from any other water. And then a fellow church member introduced the water as true water. According to her testimony, she suffered from severe case of athlete’s foot. Her toes would bled and would smell badly. She testified that she was totally healed after using Waters. I did not believe her testimony a 100% but I purchased a unit anyways. After using the product, my bad allergies were gone. When I was exposed to cold air or washed with cold water, my skin would turn blue. Furthermore, I did not have much energy and suffered from bad diarrhea as well. There were times when I would be dehydrated so much so that I fainted. I tried different medicines and foods that were supposedly helpful for my kind

of problems to no avail. The temperature of my outer and inner body did not match. And I suffered from allergies for more than 31 years. It was then that I met Waters. My father suffered from nasal inflammation and when he was told that Waters will be able to heal him, he did not believe it at all. He believed that Waters was like any other water. however, 10 days into using the product, my father was completely healed! After witnessing such a miracle, I want to become a Waters member and spread the good news to others as well.

Testimonial 38


Name : Young-Hee Lee

I am an employee at Waters Seo Mun branch.

I first got to know the product through branch manager Bae.

Before I was employed at Waters, I owned a restaurant. Due to the nature of the work, I was not able to have regular meals and I started to have stomach problems. I started taking medicine and I cannot recall how much I ate in total. I did not have any knowledge about drinking water and I used water that we got from the mountains. Because I found boiling troublesome, we consumed only mineral water taken from the mountains. I also did not have any knowledge about storing of water and once we took water from the mountains, we would use the water for about a week or 10 days before getting new batches. And then I started to have bad diarrhea and both my hands and feet would hurt and there were times when my feet would become so dumb that it would be difficult to walk. At that time, manager Bae started to operate a branch and told me that Water is a trustworthy corporation and it is a business that would allow for the spreading of God’s word as well. I also attended a seminar by the company’s executive director and I made up my mind. I realized why drinking good water will bring about healing and now I have doing my best to spread the good news about Waters.

Now I am completely cured of diarrhea and numbness and I thank manager Bae and Elder Bae and at the same time, give God all the glory.

Testimonial 39


Name : Jong-Shim Bae

I operate a saloon in Buam-dong. I heard about Waters from Lee Young Hee. She was on her way to evangelize when she walked into my saloon asking if she could rest for a while. She told me she was working at the Waters society and that she would like to talk to me as a Waters society member. She asked me if I was interested in drinking the product. She also told me many testimonies about how people were healed of their illnesses after drinking the water. I was doubtful and I did not believe that water could have healing powers. She testified that she was healed of her diarrhea and numbness of both hands and feet. She would suffer so much when she had diarrhea that she was afraid of going to the washroom. I regret for not agreeing to use the product from the beginning. Why is this so? Because I have been healed after using Waters. I am grateful for sharing the good news about Waters and I am doing my best to spread the news to those who come into my saloon.

Testimonial 40


<Life water moves the vital power>

Name: 郑娇余(Chung Kyo-Yeo)

Occupation: Nun

Age: 56

As a pharmacist, I always test a product before introducing that product to other people, or I dont easily recommend the product even though I choose it. Because it is directly connected to my reputation, and products are sold through by approval in my pharmacy, it means that the products in my pharmacy have to pass the test before I sell them. Just as with other products, when I saw the Alkaplus, I was doubtful and thought What is so good about this product?

When I used Alkaplus for the first time, I felt the reaction of removing accumulated waste in my body within a few hours. Also my customers said that they felt something too. For example,

I recommended Alkaplus as special water to my customers, and one of my customers drank it in my store, and didn’t show any response, but the next day, he returned and said “That water was really good, it has an antiphlogistic function.” He is a busy person, and he always visits Canada and Taiwan, so his lips were easily cracked when he was tired. He said after he drank 3 cups of Alkaplus, surprisingly, his cracked lips healed so fast, so he bought more Alkaplus right away.

Also I heard an impressive story about a guy who had a swollen face due to a car accident, and it disappeared after he drank this water. My part time employees father was in a bicycle accident on New Years Day, and hurt his feet, and the swelling hadnt gone down even after 2 weeks, so I recommended that he take some Alkaplus, but he didnt believe it. He went to the hospital for one month, and took an antiphlogistic, but the swelling still didnt go down, so I recommended the water again, and he brought it and drank about 5-6 liters of water filtered with Alkaplus. Not surprisingly, his swelling disappeared after two days and he took a picture of his feet and showed me. Moreover, he had diabetes for a long time, but he went to the hospital and found out that it was healed after he drank that water. His blood sugar was pretty high, but it went down after he drank that water for one month, also his wife also had bad kidneys, and the doctor showed her a picture of how a gallstone was pressing the wall of her kidney outward, but she was also healed after she drank the water for one month.

Finally, my body was also not so good because I have lived in my lab, and I knew that I have a lot of poison in my body, so I drank the Alkaplus to take care of myself. Actually, I had common knowledge about water, that it is good for our body and necessary, it helps our body to eliminate waste, then I met Alkaplus. After I understand what chairman Bae said about the Waters which is a special water that is good for our health, I totally trust that Alkas can give us vital power. The surprising thing is that it is not hard for me to drink 5 liters of water per day. Also I couldnt go to sleep if I ate something wrong, and depended on antioxidants, but after I drank Alkaplus, I dont feel sick anymore and feel very healthy.

Now I can maintain my health in a simple way, with the good water. Water is also very important in the popular fasting cure to eliminate waste, and I can discharge poison safely in the fasting cure because of this good Alkaplus. These days, my friends greet me and say “Mr. Wang, your face color looks better and better….”, then I answer them “Alkaplus is really good water”. (April, 25, 2006)

Testimonial 41


<New Life and New Start>

Name: 菊 (Wang Hong-Kuk)

Occupation: Pharmacist

Age: 45

As a catholic, I moved to Taiwan from Vietnam and lived there for 5 years, and helped lepers or mentally disordered people in Naksang Hospital. On Aug, 12, 2005 which was my last day working at Naksang, I suddenly didn’t feel so good, but I still went to work. When I finished work and try to leave, an old man wanted to talk with me, so I talked with him for 1 hour even though I was sick. After finished the conversation, I couldn’t even stand and felt dizzy, so I asked a sister to help me to a nearby hospital and I was examined until 12o’clock AM. The Doctor said he couldnt find an exact reason, but that there was something in my body. Through 2 weeks of testing, they found 2 tumors and I learned that I had cancer. The Doctor told me it was not clear which was the mother tumor, so we decided to remove the tumor in the large intestine, and then decide on a second operation after some medicine treatment.

Many of my friends sent me good foods for me. One of my friends sent me Alkaplus, and I took the hospital medicine treatment for 15 days according to the doctors prescription and drank filtered water from Alkaplus all day. It was my routine. Because I drank an average of 4000cc of water every day, I couldn’t eat much of what my friends had sent and I reduced my intake of medicine from the hospital but I didn’t feel hungry. Often sisters said “You used to sit down before, but these days, you move a lot to drink water.” and smiled at me. Also I introduced the mineral pot to people who visit me and asked them to drink it.

Whenever I drink this water, I feel very relaxed. When I brought Alakplus in a big bag to go to the hospital, the sisters were very surprised and Sister Wang asked me “Why are you carrying that big bag, isn’t it too big for you?” Then I answer “This is my treasure.” In the hospital, they didn’t know what I drank and they only saw that I was taking the medicines and instillation and drank filtered water. I had more than 2000 cancer cells before the operation but when we finished the operation, the doctor said I actually I had more than 7000 cancer cells and he didn’t know why. However, I didn’t give up and just prayed, drank water, and received the hospital treatment. My roommate was saying she wants to die, but I comforted her and encouraged her

to not give up God and at the same time, I also got medical treatment. I drank and washed my face with Alkaplus water hard and bore the pain of cracked lips and face skin, and I felt that my pain was reducing. After 1 month, they found my amounts of cancer cell were reduced largely in the test. After 3 month, there were only 2000 cancer cells left and in the last medical treatment (11th), the doctor said “Sister, congratulations, your cancer is totally gone.”

Thank God for blessing me so much.

I had high blood pressure and have taken the medicine for more than 10 years, and then I was hospitalized and receiving treatment, however, after I drank Alkaplus for one month, the doctor didnt give me any more high blood pressure medicine, and now my blood pressure is very normal.

Doctor told me that, even though every thing is good, my liver had not recovered well so I needed to be careful. But the president of the Vietnam church wanted me to come back because nobody can take care of me in Taiwan. However, the doctor told me that this kind of tumor can reoccur within one month if I wasnt cared for in Vietnam. But I had to follow the orders of the President, so I packed my bag and was waiting his final decision, but my doctor was still asking me to get hospital treatment. “I can heal you, you can be healed. Didn’t he call you yet…?” In Vietnam, they didn’t know how serious it was, and that my cancer could reoccur if the treatment was delayed even one day. On March, 20, the President called me and agreed with the continuous treatment in Taiwan, and the doctor performed a 2nd operation, and told me on March, 27th that my cancer was totally removed. Now my liver is clean so I can go back to Vietnam without any problems. The Doctor was wondering how the cancer cells disappeared so quickly, but I didnt tell him how much Alkaplus I drank, but now I want to tell him here that we can enjoy drinking water to be healthy. Finally, I thank God who gave me a new life, and a new start, and I also appreciate everybody who helped me. (April, 25, 2006)

Testimonial 42

< Australia >

April 1997 saw me buying a Waters Company Mineral Pot for my Family. My neighbor and I were discussing the drinking water one-day and she remarked that she had just bought a Mineral Pot for her family and had really noticed a difference in their various complaints. After following a tasting test with tap water and mineral pot water I was amazed at the difference

between them in taste. After discussion and talk with the representative for Mineral Pots – Phil Findlay – I decided to purchase one and see what effect it had on my family.

My family consists of five people and each one of us could recognize something that we would monitor with Mineral water to see if there were any significant changes. I list the follow results.

My husband is 58 years of age and is a diabetic, suffers from severe cramps in the legs and hypertension. Within two weeks of drinking only Mineral Water (as a cold drink) and having tea / coffee also made with Mineral Water – he was able to stop taking his tablets for cramp, reduce his hypertension tablets by one per day and his diabetic sugar count decreased by 4 points. E.g.prior to Mineral Water, reading was 13, 7 after two weeks of Mineral Water his reading was 9.5.

Now he is able to walk our 13 and a half-acre farm after full days work and still does not suffer with cramps. He also does not now drink diabetic drinks – has the occasional bear – tea/coffee made with Mineral Water and Mineral Water ice blocks in milk. His health has improved immensely, and as is known – diabetics are susceptible to Ulcers if the injure themselves. He recently had a nasty fall cutting his kneecap open on steel. I bathed his knee with swabs of hot Mineral Water regularly, and this did not ulcerate at all or get infected.

I am 53 years of age, have raised a family of six children and lead a very busy life school boards and running a farm as well – just to mention a few. I have very bad Arthritis from my hips down and in my elbows. I had to buy a farm bike because I could not walk from paddock to paddock to feed out. Since being on Mineral Water I have slowly and steadily been able to reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication. I also used to get very tired and showed some signs of depression and not really caring about my appearance at times. Now I also walk the 13 and a half-acre farm, can carry a bale of hay. I and back knitting and sewing, and even riding a two wheeler bike and walking. My immune system seems to have improved, having only had one cold this winter and my general stamina is terrific. I also only drink Mineral Water – tea/coffee wigh Mineral Water. I cook all vegetables in Mineral Water and the flavor is far more pleasant, and the vegetable are more like crisp blanched vegetables, not onees that taste as though they have never been washed. I am now only taking arthritis tablets once a day instead of 3 times a day.

My 16–years-old daughter has cerebral palsy with complications and has also found that her energy level have increased since the Mineral Pot came into her life. Her acne skin has almost

cleared away and now juice, coke, lemonade etc – now only very occasionally does she ask for this type of drink. Mineral Water goes to school in drink bottle. Her hair is not as oily and her skin is of better condition.

My daughter of 12 years of age has also experienced many of the same things as her sister. Also her energy level has risen substantially and she will go for either a four-kilometer walk or bike ride each night. Approaching her teenage years. She has already seen that her skin is far better in condition than some of her classmates. She also drinks only Mineral Water in hot and cold drinks.

My son of 4 and a half years of age calls this his “HAPPY WATER”. Everywhere we go he asks for happy water to drink and gets some very strange looks. He is a very hypo-active child who loves sweet drinks, ice-blocks, fizzy drinks, and lollies. Since we have had the Mineral Pot which is accessible to him at all improved ten-fold since April. He now sleeps 10 hours minimum at night eats three meals a day – before he tuition and the improvement is amazing , He also had very poor teeth – having had something like 9 fillings since the age of two years old. At his latest check-up his specialist could not believe that there was no further decay in hi mouth.

Our family is sold on the Mineral Pot, and when we go caravan or boating or even just on a picnic, the Mineral Pot is part of the essential items. I can leave Coke, Fanta, Lemonade or Cordial in my fridge for three to four weeks at a time and my children NEVER ask for it or help themselves to it. It is usually the visitors who drink it if my 4 and a half-years-old cannot sell them on Mineral Water first. He always offers our visitors a drink of Mineral Water before a cup of tea. He tells everyone it make you happy not nasty and naughty.

I am not one to BRAG about a product – but I am delighted with the difference it has made my family, especially with the variety of problems we have and the results we have observed.


Many thanks to Simply Water

MM Upper Hutt

Testimonial 43

< Australia >


I have suffered a skin complaint for several years and as I had already purchased a mineral pot from Waters Company, I asked their advice on my skin condition. Although I did notice an improvement, I was still not satisfied and felt there must be another reason why it was not clearing as quickly and completely as I would have liked. The skin condition was acne and as you could quite imagine it was both painful and embarrassing. The acne would just keep flaring up all the time, I had tried almost everything I thought possible on the market and the skin specialist’s advice and still it got worse.

So, I purchased a water purifier for the shower(Mineral Shower) and I was advised only to wash my skin with this and not with this and not with water from the tap or use anything with chemicals at all. After about a week, I noticed an improvement and my face was not so sore, I kept my fingers crossed because acne can come at any stage and with a vengeance. I was still not convinced. Another 2weeks passed and the acne had all but disappeared and people were commenting on how my skin had improved, I was really happy as I have had this condition for 5 years.

Now a couple of months have gone by and my skin is sill good, no ACNE, I can’t believe it, sure I will still get the odd pimple but I think I can live with that.

I can now thank Water company for all the advice and the reading material they gave me on what is in my water and how this was contributing to my skin condition, you can now see my smile and my great skin!!!!

Testimonial 44

< Australia >

Testimonial by Ashley of Wellington.

Hi, my name is Ashley,

I am 15 years going on 16 and I live in Wellington, before I met Phil, I used to shower in chlorine water and drink the same water.

The water made my skin dry, around my eyes and other parts of my body, I used to get Eczema. I also got cold sores on my nose I was not a very health girl back then, but when I met Phil and started drinking and showering in the mineral water and changed my diet. I do not get Eczema anymore and my skin is all clear and smooth, and I have not had a cold sore since, because I am eating the right foods and body is now in balance, “ now I understand what my body needs.”

Thank you Phil.

Ashley of Wellington 29/04/05

Testimonial 45

< Australia >

July 27, 2004

Waters Co Ltd

I am writing this letter of thanks to let you know the effect that your help has had on my life. I would like to start with some information about my history. I am a 36 yr old male that since the beginning of this year has had seven attacks of gout, each attack being worse than the previous one. I had my first ever attack then I was 21 years old and have had approximately six attacks up until the beginning of this year. The medicine that was prescribed to me for this attacks has always relieved the symprtoms in one day, but it would make my feel sick for up to 3 days after and would turn me inside out. I have tried alternative medicines and modalities but have had to resort back to the medicine because the pain was so great. Well since the beginning of this years the attack have been getting worse and worse and the medicine was taking longer and longer to work leaving me feeling sicker for longer. The attacks were always in my big toe on eigher foot up until the second to last attack which was in my left knee, this left me very in mobile and it just didn’t seem to want to go away. My doctor told my that I was going to have to go on a different medicine to regulate the level of uric acid in my body and that I was going to have to change the foods that I ate and watch what I was drinking, the down side

to this was that is was going to give me an attack of gout until it balanced everything out. Not wanting to have to resort to taking pills all the time I decided to think about it as I was already not eating the food that I was told not too and I didn’t drink alcohol either. I then remembered about some information in Anthony Robbins Get the Edge that was about an alkalizing diet so I looked into this further and this was when I met Phil Findlay of Waters Co in Wellington. After talking to Phil, I bought a Waters Bio mineral Pot and Dr Young’s books, Sick & Tired, Back to the House of Health 1 & 2, a container of Supergreens and Prime PH by Innerlight on 16/006/04 I read Sick & Tired and started the diet as instructed by the book, after 4 days I woke up with the worse case of gout that I had ever experienced, I took the pills that I had for the gout and stayed on the diet knowing that in the process of alkalizing the acid levels in my body would actually increase briefly. It took 5days of the pills for the symptoms to subside in which time I was purely drinking the Supergreens and Prime PH and not eating any food as I was not hungry, a side effect of both the pills(nausea) and Supergreens, but the pills didn’t seem to have the same sickening effect on me this time and when the gout subsided I got better and better, my range of motion in the effected joint seemed to be better than ever before. I kept on the diet and started to introduce foods as instructed by Dr Young’s book. On the 06/07/04, I purchased a Sampson juicer and started to add juices to my diet, slowly at first as they were very rich and would cause strong smelling gas, this has now gone away. The side effects of being on this diet that I have noticed so gar are as follows:

I have lost 12 kilos and feel great(4 belt notches) 96 kilos to 84 kilos.

I wake in the morning and feel refreshed.(not groggy and asleep)

A skin rash that I have had for 5 years since being in hospital is disappearing.

My vision has improved, (I can see further without blurring).

My stamina has improved greatly, can now walk to top of mount kaukau in the johnsonville Park without shortness of breathe.

My energy levels have increased, (can sit around anymore without getting bored).

The hair on my head appear to be growing back ( have hair where was none.)

My skin appears much more radiant ( not dull)

The tinnitus in my right ear has reduced ( Loud whistle to light whistle).

Skin eruptions and blisters are all but gone.

Old wounds / sores are healing and disappearing.

Testimonial 46

The way to maintain health

Pauline Julian Kayu Manis Utara

I have been drinking 10 cups of Waters mineral water from 1993. I have experienced many changes in my body after drinking the water. In the past, due to bad cracks around my mouth, not only did it cause much discomfort, it was also not nice to look at. However, after drinking Waters mineral water, I no longer have cracks. And my body feels refreshed, like never before. Now, whenever I get the opportunity, I give out Waters mineral water and I tell them that it is the one way to maintain good health.

Testimonial 47


Life partner

Soi Saenanikom (Moo 8 Jarakaebua Ladplao, Bangkok, Thailand)

My hands and feet would always be swollen. And due to this problem, it became difficult to walk like others. As a result, for the past 26 years, I started to walk differently from others. I went to a specialist and he told me that it was due to something I ate before. During this period, I got to know Mr. Vit Suwannaslip who recommended that I drink good water for my condition and at the same introduced me to a product called Waters Bio mineral port. He explained about what water does for the different body parts, and I gathered new information about water. I drank up to 12 cups a day. And not long after, I discovered an amazing change. My hands and feet that were chronically swollen started to subside. It has been a year and 8 months since I started drinking mineral port. And my walking stance is getting better as days go by. I drink mineral port both at home and at work. Due to the nature of work where I import

portable products, I need to go on overseas trips and I never forget to bring mineral port along. Mineral port is like my life partner. I am truly grateful to Waters family for introducing me to good water and giving me the opportunity to regain my health. I love Waters mineral port.

Testimonial 48


I know!

Sukri Kalirejo (Lampumg Tengung Tengah 34174 Indonesia)

I purchased a Waters unit under recommendation by my neighbour, Mr. Dwijo Suwarno. In the past, I did not enjoy drinking water and I did not think twice about what water contributed to my body. Through Mr. Dwijo Suwarno, I came to realize that water was not only for the quenching of thirst. Water also contributed significantly to the well functioning of the body. After I gained this knowledge, I started to drink about 10 cups a day. In particular, I want to thank Waters for helping the whole family regain good health. What’s more surprising is that after drinking Waters, I no longer suffer from kidney problems. I hope that everyone else will start to drink Waters. This is because Waters is different from the water that we can easily purchase. I am grateful to those who are working to make Waters work.

Testimonial 49


A decision that I don’t regret

Mr. Chen Han Young (Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, 43900 Sepang, West Malaysia)

Although I had never suffered from a major illness, I was not on the healthy side. I did not feel energetic and I did not feel comfortable moving about. However, after drinking Waters water, my body became so light I felt as though I was flying. When I wake up in the morning, my body felt very refreshed and for this reason, I am able to start the day with vigor and energy. In the past, I was not able to sleep comfortably due to constant headaches. Now when I look back, I cannot remember the last time I had a headache and I am able to sleep comfortably at night. Put it differently, I was able to save on hospital bills due to Waters. Now, I get my family to drink Waters as well by reminding

them the changes that I went through. Waters purifier truly added life to the family. As there is no need to boil water and instead water can be used safely after changing filters, in the long run, it is right to say that we save on time and money by using Waters.

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