Therapy Shower



Therapy Shower is a major technological advancement in shower filtration, catering to not only a better showering experience but your whole well being. Aromatherapy Shower Cartridge eliminates 100% of harmful residual Chlorine, as well as other contaminants like rust and limescale, ionizing the water molecule, softening the water, creating 50 times more negative ions than a natural waterfall. The unique cartridge filtration system allows for the water to brush against the cartridge releasing and infusing it with Vitamin C, Collagen and Melaleuca Oil and releasing a therapy aroma of Lavender or Lemon for the ultimate and purest showering experience. Significant (47%) reduction in water consumption and increase in water pressure (40%) and Therapy Shower becomes not only healthy for your body but as well for your pocket. Therapy Shower is managed simply by the replacement of a new cartridge every 2100 Gallons of water, depending on the usage it could be at least 2-3 months of consistent use. If you feel that your shower is not performing to the standards you expected your cartridge may need replacing.


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